Friday, September 30, 2011

SMRT-FatBird Circle Line Weekenders

SMRT Circle Line brings you closer to nature! - Get ready your running shoes and ez-link card to explore scenic enclaves and terrain around the new Circle Line MRT Stations of Labrador Park, Telok Blangah and Pasir Panjang in a series of weekender social group runs brought to you by SMRT and Team FatBird!

Distances of 12km - 18km to cater to a broad range of runners of different abilities. Shorter distances of 5km-8km are available for those who like to brisk-walk instead.
This is a social group run at a sight-seeing pace of about 7-9min/km. Stops will be made for re-grouping and photo opportunities.

**Scenic Highlights**
- Labrador Park
- Henderson Waves
- Canopy Walk
- Telok Blangah Hill
- Kent Ridge Park
- Mt. Faber Hill
- Bukit Chandu
- Horticulture Park

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     a. Click Enter Now menu item to enter your info
     b. Leave the Share On Your Wall checked to share with your friends and family about this event
2. RSVP HERE to indicate your attendance


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Team FatBird Running Vest 2011: Order Yours!


The TFB Running Vest 2011 In Action

Model & Size: CLICK HERE For Sizing Chart! ##

## Note that the sizing for this model are smaller than the typical Asian-fit tops

Member Discount Codes:
[TFB1009] TFB Member (i-Run Marshals, Running Guides, Pacers, Training/Support Crew)
[TFB1008] TFB Trainee (NightHawks, Kingfishers, Sunbirds, Kookaburras)
[TFB1007] TFB Runner (i-Runners, U Runners, Weekenders)
[TFB1006] TFB Partner/Associate
[TFB1005] TFB Friend (SgRunners, SAFRA Runners, Nike Runners, NB Runners, MR25)

Send all enquiries and feedback to


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

ST Article: On The Double

.A Marathon Guide: Straits Times, Sep 26 @ Mok Ying Ren

A nice article by Singapore's top marathoner, Mok Ying Ren, on the importance of having more easy long runs to prepare for the marathon. Thanks Mok for giving mention to Team FatBird ( as a friendly group that is great for beginner runners :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

FatBird SC Lim @ Wan Bao

Team FatBird
member SC Lim in the Lianhe Wanbao news. From a diabetic to one who is running marathons, not only in Singapore, but international as well. This 63-year old helps out regularly with FatBird runs and marathon training, leading and guiding a group of 'Happy Runners' to pursue an active and healthy lifestyle.

FatBird SC Lim @ Lianhe Wanbao 18 September 2011

Lianhe Wanbao 18 September 2011

Chinese title: 《63岁糖尿病患者也能跑马拉松》
English title: 63 year-old diabetic runs marathons

Brief translation:
You cannot tell by looking at Mr S C Lim (63, business consultant), who looks healthy now was once a diabetic who could not run more than 3km.

When Mr Lim was diagnosed with diabetes 15 years ago, he was unable to keep the condition in control despite heeding his doctor’s advice and strict dieting. He knew that he lacked exercise but had no motivation to start.

At the start of 2009, he came to know about the i-Run programme organised by the Health Promotion Board. As the programme is conducted near his office, he made up his mind to change his lifestyle and started running.

Mr Lim said, “I chose running because it is very convenient. All you need is a pair of running shoes and you can start running anywhere. However, regardless of what exercise you engage in, you need to persevere and enjoy it. Do not look upon it as a chore.”

Mr Lim currently runs 4 times a week. To him, the toughest was when he first started to run. He needs to reduce his activities at night and wake up at 5am.

As a result of his diabetic condition, he will usually start running one hour after he has taken his breakfast. “Sustaining this activity for long term is not easy. After joining the training programme, I got to know a group of running enthusiasts. Everyone will run together and keep to the promise of completing the run.”

Recently, Mr Lim participated in the annual SAFRA Singapore Bay Run & Army Half Marathon. “With my running companions, we can encourage each other along the way, making the run more enjoyable. After the run, we can have a meal together. After I started running, I also went to many different places with different scenery for my run.”

From the 3km he first started off to the 10km runs now, Mr Lim has went to Malaysia, Australia, etc to participate in various marathons.

Besides knowing more friends through running, his health, sleep quality and diabetic condition have all improved.

He suggested that those with diabetes or long term conditions should take more notice of their body condition while exercising. Once the body is not feeling right, do not force yourself to carry on. Mr Lim says that this is not to force you to stop but exercise with care.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

OSB11 Week #2: Rolling Hills & Trails


Photo Gallery from FatBirds CK Chin, AC Leong

A few days before the slated training run of 14km-26km along trails and rolling hills, the Ops Sunbird 2011 Pacers & Running Guides were already concerned with marshaling and guiding the 150 trainees, comprising of about 80% who were new to the MacRitchie Reservoir (MR) Park enclave. With special attention paid to key junctions and following a strict Basebuild pace for each of the 4 groups, they were able to pull off a splendid job of bringing all the Sunbirds back within regulation time...excellent!

To many of the Sunbirds, MR was a place they would normally go for strolls along the nature reserve, or visit the Tree Top Walk. This morning, most of them had their maiden runs, and a long one at that. Some of the Sunbirds claimed it was one of the toughest challenges they had to go through, but were pleasantly surprised they conquered the fear demons and did very well. By 7:15am, the majority had already arrived, registered and were ready for the training and safety briefing. Each of them had the good opportunity to meet up with their respective Pace/Run Group leaders for a get-to-know-one-another and a short brief of the routes.

As the trails were narrow, the Sunbirds kept to one side in accordance to good trail-running etiquette, allowing other runners to overtake on the right and those running from the opposite direction. By the time they exited the 4km Northern Trail, most Sunbirds decided to pull back the pace as they uncertain of what else might lay ahead. They were glad to hit the roads, and were able to cruise along at their training pace all the way to Casuarina Road. The HM folks turned back and found that the return was a lot more challenging than the initial 7km, when their lungs and legs were a lot fresher. The FM continued from Casuarina and moved onwards to encounter the rolling country of UPR. Those who were able to make it earlier headed for a breather along the 3km to-fro aircond route.

Group 1 did 2 laps of aircond route, while Groups 2 and 3 managed 1 lap. The return back along those rolling hills was not something many relished, but nonetheless, they did well to get out of UPR pretty much intact. There were nary a sign of walking, just making intermittent toilet stops for water. As expected, the walking started on the reverse upwards along Island Club Road...that is one that will stretch even hardy and experienced runners. The Sunbirds' resolve was very strong, and they too overcame that with gumption.

The final 4km back along Northern Trail posed more challenges of rocky ground and rolling terrain, especially when they had already covered about 18km-22km up to that point. The training pace was maintained well throughout, and within 3hrs, the Sunbirds had completed their second long run, an accomplishment they can be proud of for sure. It was nice to have all gathered on the wooden platform for a debrief over isotonic drinks and bananas. Because of the Kit-Up briefing we had to attend, we concluded the session by 11am, much to the delight of the tired birds :)
Congratulations to all who made it back through this challenging trail and rolling hills combo! The Sunbird Pacers & Guides were in good form, showing the way and motivating the trainees to complete the grueling course. The Sunbirds have moved one notch up, and will get only stronger going into weeks #3-4 of training.

Sunbirds, Sunbirds, All The Way!


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ops Sunbird 2011: Baptism Of Wind

Operation Sunbird 2011 kicked off to a wonderful start in fine, cool, windy weather....the kind just perfect for doing LSD (Long, Slow Distance) Runs. In spite of the weekend races and the onset of gloomy weather (at first), it was still a respectable turnout of nearly 150 runners.

With a well-oiled Sunbird Crew, registration, baggage, tee-shirt sizing and logistics went pretty smoothly for the Sunbird trainees. As with most Team FatBird's training operations, the initial sessions are peppered with pre-training and route briefings, administration and team gear matters inclusive. These Sunbird trainees looked a fitter batch this round, most of whom have some Half-Marathon and Marathon experiences under their fuel-belts ;)

Without giving too much away in terms of their training, it was a respectable 13km-24km Basebuild LSD that was accomplished by a highly-spirited bunch of runners. The positive attitudes displayed and the willingness to follow training protocols closely will surely bring these Sunbirds a long way into their marathon endeavours. Many of them have come well prepared, resulting in the effective training run achieved at the end of 2.5hrs.

A good round of sharing ensued in the lawn area, as the Sunbirds downed Gatorade mix and munched on their post-run refuel of bananas and nutrition bars. As we prepare for the following sessions, the Sunbirds will need to gear up on proper running shoes, hydration and fuel systems, as well as adaptive recovery management to ensure a smooth journey to race day in 12 weeks. We went away from today's run feeling proud and satisfied for having successfully started with marathon preparations, and we can only look forward to an exciting training and racing journey ahead with the Sunbirds & FatBirds.

OPS SUNBIRD 2011 - Follow Our Pace, Win Your Race!

Sunbird Photo Slideshow @ CK CHIN


Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Coverage of Team FatBird and Ops Kingfisher training for Army Half Marathon in the TODAY WEEKEND edition, 4 Sep 2011. It gave a good overview of the increasing participation in local marathons and the various avenues such runners can tap on for their marathon training needs.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Army Half Marathon 2011

Facebook Photos from CK CHIN, FREDERIC, MOHAN, HappyFeet DO

The Kingfishers gathered alongside FatBird Runners and friends at the Esplanade Amphitheatre 4:15pm for the largest half marathon in Singapore - The Singapore Bay Run & Army Half Marathon. Spirits were high although many did not have much sleep as the start of the race at 5:15am made it a requirement to wake up at about 2:30am.

After a round of group photos, we went for the final portaloo session before making our way to the start-line at 4:50am. By then, the crowd were all excited and ready. The route this year have been nicely modified to one which does away with the ECP stretch, and instead went through rolling slopes and the Tanjong Rhu area. The drinks support and run atmosphere was great, and that in part contributed to the outstanding performances of 80% of the Kingfishers who recorded their personal bests.

The majority of our runners finished the Half Marathon in 2hr45min or less, an achievement which lent weight to the trainees' commitment and dedication to all the strength and speed training sessions. We have a lot of fast FatBird runners who did their PBs in very fast times (1:30h-1:50h) as well. Overall it was a successful outing for Team FatBird, especially the Kingfishers.

We spent the rest of the post-race morning gathered at the Tan Kim Seng fountain to exchange congratulatory well-wishes, stories of the morning's events as well as lots of group photographs with the nice finisher medals and victorious shouts. The Kingfishers have passed the final test with flying colours @ The Bay! Well done, and we will see you @ Ops Kingfisher and AHM 2012.

Official Race Results HERE!


Thursday, September 1, 2011

TFB @ TODAY 01-Sep-11

Very good coverage of the recent Gold Coast Airport Marathon in July by Ansley Ng of The TODAY papers. A big group of Singaporeans (210), ranging from top Singaporean marathoners like M. Rameshon, Mok Ying Ren, Ashley Liew, Vivian Tang, Ben Tan, to runners from running groups like Team FatBird were there for a RUNcation - Fly To Run, Stay Behind For Great Fun!

Excerpts from Page 1:
This year, the race drew 24,700 participants across several categories, from a 2km kids race to the marathon. Just 5,000 people ran the whole marathon.

Explaining the benefits of a race with fewer runners, M Rameshon, a former national long distance runner and an adjunct associate lecturer at Republic Polytechnic, said that in crowded races, a lot of energy is spent sidestepping and overtaking people.

For example, the Berlin marathon - another famously flat course - has many turns, which can be a chore to do battle with a larger number of runners, he said.

"And the weather here is stable, unlike in London or Berlin, which have unpredictable weather," added Rameshon, who was at this year's race to support his protege Ashley Liew.

Excerpts from Page 2:
This year, more than 100 Singaporeans descended on the tourist belt of Surfers Paradise and in the areas of Southport to better their running times. Many are members of popular running club Team FatBird.

IT consultant Gan Yit Koon, who joined the Team FatBird tour group, shaved 14 minutes from his personal best of 4hr 35min, which he clocked during last year's Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore.

"The weather really makes it comfortable to run," he said.

"There is a great camaraderie among those who are here because they have stuck with each other and had been training together for 12 weeks now," said Anthony Sum, the group's founder.

"They have completed many races overseas but many of them like to come back here. Many get their personal best (times) here."

However, it wasn't just the weekend warriors who were here to perfect their timing. Local running ace Mok Ying Ren, taking part in his fourth marathon, was trying to break Singapore's national record, but fatigue in the last few kilometres caused the medical student to come in 13th overall with a time of 2hr 27min 5s, some three minutes shy of the record.

Other prominent Singaporean runners at this year's race included Vivian Tang - one of the country's top female runners - who ran the half marathon; and Dr Ben Tan, president of the Singapore Sailing Federation, who ran the marathon as part of his training for the New York Marathon in November.

CHECK OUT additional COVERAGE and REPORT Of Team FatBird's Gold Coast Airport Marathon experience



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